Unreqvited, Enisum & Mesarthim vinyl bundle

Unreqvited Rain/River EPs | Enisum – Enisum’s Roots | MesarthimComa Wall EP
An exclusive early bird bundle is now available for 60€ worldwide shipping included. Items will be available and shipping starting March 20th. All the three vinyls are one-off prints, coming in a numbered edition limited to 300 units each, never to be repressed. Single vinyls will be available for separate orders upon release date – if still available.

All three vinyls can be purchased via our own mailorder ONLY, at this link, and are not to be found anywhere else.

Unreqvited Rain/River EPs (ltd. 300)
A collection of both the ambient EPs from the Canadian solo project of 鬼, digitally released in 2019.

Enisum Enisum’s Roots (ltd. 300)
A double LP including all the early material from the Italian atmospheric black metal band. Everything that came before Samoht Nara debut album finds a way onto physical form for the first time ever.

MesarthimComa Wall EP (ltd. 300)
Single-sided vinyl for the acclaimed 2018 EP from the mysterious Australian band, originally released digitally. Screen-printed B side.