Vrajitor’s Tenebrarium announces debut album

Vrajitor’s Tenebrarium is a new, obscure and esoteric project by Vrajitor, mastermind behind various other musical ventures such as Warmoon Lord and Argenthorns.

The idea for Vrajitor’s Tenebrarium was planted years ago, but the debut album, mystically titled E.N.L.D., was composed, recorded and mixed in the Winter of 2022-2023.  Being a lifelong fan of horror and exploitation film music (most particularly Italian) Vrajitor completed the album with the help of various cryptic collaborators. 

Musically inspired by artists and composers like Goblin, Jacula, Devil Doll, Fabio Frizzi, Bruno Nicolai, and Riz Ortolani the lyrics are bizarre stories of black magic and witchcraft. File under occult prog, dungeon funk, and giallo italiano.

Vrajtor’s Tenebrarium debut album will be released on September, 15th, on CD, LP and digital via Avantgarde Music, preorders and a first taste of the record will be live in due time.

Old Sorcery
Warmoon Lord