Voidescent signs to Avantgarde Music

Voidescent is a Spanish black metal band that originated under the name Andhord. Having released a series of independent demos and EPs, including a collector’s edition of their demo EP “Revelation” released by Triangulum Ignis, the band underwent a significant artistic transformation to embrace a new chapter in their musical exploration, reflecting a deeper commitment to a darker and more mature concept.

Such evolution was initially announced in 2018 with the digital release of their first EP, Eleven Into Nox, and has now culminated in their debut album, Dust And Embers, which will see the light in autumn 2023 on CD and LP via Avantgarde Music.

Voidescent‘s music delves into the profound realms of darkness, mysticism, and introspection. With a firm grasp on the essence of black metal, they fearlessly navigate its boundaries exploring their own pathways within the genre.