They talk… they talk… they talk…

Sometimes I get pissed off by the excess of communication we are sort of obliged to nowdays.

Facebook was a genious invention of course, its success speaks for itself, but I wonder why bands have fallen to such low levels…:  their “need to apologise” (in a way) and to explain everything they do is pathetic, and the hunger of fans in demanding this interaction (although they give very little in return!) is arrogant.

From one side, Artists and record labels know they are like “leaves in the wind”: waiting for the next strong blow to fall down the tree…

On the other [side] people probably know this, and made-up a mean weapon out of this big chance.

In 1988 I didnt have an opportunity to tell Tom Warrior that Celtic Frost’s ‘Cold Lake’ album sucked giant dicks, while in 2011 people dares to offend Morbid Angel and other bands in a cowardly way by posting unfair comments on their Facebook wall.

And you know what: i wouldn’t tell Tom anyway and even if I have bought the fucking record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and it took one hour train trip to get into town and buy it!)

Nowdays instead it looks like people complains about a shitty album because “it took 14 minutes to download it and it’s even crap!”

They act like “dining room wolves” (it does better sound in italian, but still you get the point)

Bands: understand that to inform and apologise with your fans 24/7 is NOT a form of respect towards them. It is in fact a form of fragility and slavery! Every band should re-establish the sane and appropriate distance that MUST exist between musicians, even when not professionals, and their fans (or their howlings).

We have a band in the label’s roster, DARKSPACE, who does refuse to submit to these new rules and not because they are arrogant but because they don’t feel this need and obligation towards the fans. And… wonder what? They are like “holy figures” in the eyes of their fans… much more respected than ever before despite their distance.

Respect, blind mass, respect. We piss on your howlings…