T H A C L T H I “…Erat Ante Oculos”

…and then to bones and dust again, resurrecting the sulphureous past of doom/death mammoths like Disembowelment and (early) Unholy, with a weird experimental and ritualistic revision born from the wounds of their sinister taste for projects like Popol Vuh, Klaus Schulze, Lycia and Paul Chain (to name a few), we present hereby our next coming release:
T H A C L T H I “…Erat Ante Oculos”
A band with no names, no faces and no past.

They came “in silence” (as their name means, from the Liber Linteus Zagrabiensis, in Etruscan language) and in a distressing silence they leave us after 53 minutes of hallucinating sonic violence.

Out 13.11.13
also in a limited edition of 33 boxed copies, including animal bones and with logo silkscreen print on top.


Listen to Ixaxaar: