Abigor new album, instrumental previews/outtakes

Abigor have despatched the following statement on their own page:

“We hereby report the completion of the recording sessions to the album and present you instrumental previews of:

Leytmotif Luzifer
the 7 temptations of man

True to the ABIGOR tradition it will again be very different to the previous releases. Leytmotif Luzifer will not contain any synthetic element, the guitars and bass left completely dry and untouched. No effect edits or effects (except EQ) at all were used for strings, as the 7 songs of the album demanded this direct and natural sonic form.
ABIGOR have always changed sonically within the Satanic Black Metal movement, and using a rougher sound free of any synthetics brought forth recordings like Apokalypse in the past, yet never before has ABIGOR been as strict as this time.

Soon further insight concerning lyrical theme, vocals and the accompanying visual realization will be given.

CD & LP version will be released by AVANTGARDE MUSIC.