Situs Magus progressing on album completion

A rather unusual signing that it was, as many others are nowdays, Situs Magus: a one-man project band from France who back then just started working on ‘their’ debut album. We came to an agreement with a certain excitement disregarding the fact that we could listen only to one song.

Sometimes it’s really all about an handshake. It’s instinctive, said in one word…
However I kindly asked him to disclose some infos for the public in order being able to create some curiosity around the record, given the actual secrecy of this project.
Here is what we have got in return:
“Under the sign of black,

i would grant the forces of the thrice great

to guide my way through the Great Work.

i would cross through the essence of matter and spirit.

by the grace of the four magical procedures

L’oeuvre au Noir (nigredo)   L’oeuvre au Blanc (albedo)  L’oeuvre au Jaune (xanthosis)  L’oeuvre au Rouge (rubedo)
The work will be revealed in its purest form,

uniting the irreconcilable to open celestial channels

and drown in the astral light.”


Some treasures probably have to remain buried…


Situs Magus - tentatively album front cover