Shining – Official Live Album

I start this post with some special thanks to Spinefarm Records for “letting them go for a short walk” with another label, disregarding the running exclusive deal and the relevant financial and physical support (work!) they are putting into the band. Thanks Nelli & whole Spinefarm / Universal Music Finland HQ’s.

And thanks Niklas for wanting this to happen so badly.

It is nice when “a band” you worked with in the past wants to do something together again. It is also -although less important- a strong signal to the public, especially when “that band” is now on the peak of their career (so far!) and not in decline, having sold the fortune of 10.000 copies (in 2011!!) of a new single in homeland Sweden (certified Gold) and soon going to tour with some important acts as well as starting to record a new album. So busy but so genuine still.

You gotta know Niklas close & well to understand all of this, to benefit of his pure attitude and to see the soul behind the controversial performer.

SHINING ‘t.b.a.’ (untitled yet!) official Live Album was recorded in Italy, September the 3rd.

Some bits of bad luck and big doses of rough organisation by the live event staff made their best to work against this big dream of ours: the concert was started and interrupted, went through impossible/ironical/ridicolous technical problems, then restarted one hour later, and although being initially lead by the negativity the event was eventually sinking into, at the end of the (night) we have a master tape in our hands! Ah ah, master tape, sounds like “official bootleg”, like in the old days.

Avantgarde Music made some history starting with an illustrious live album, recorded in Leipzig, Eastern Germany, approximately by the same season 20 years before.

We love to think this story is old, but it still goes on, thanks to a new live album, recorded in Italy, Southern Europe, approximately by the same season 20 years later.

Release date, infos and details to be disclosed shortly.