Alternative 4 ‘The Brink’

‎’The Brink’ is now completed, the band working on the very last details of the cover artwork and we, now posting the album to medias interested in running some coverage on this.

The album deserves to “give it all”: it discloses its depth and beauty step by step, one per every single listen.
Apparently “keeping it simple” in their arrangements, Duncan & his team explored details in a subtle performance rather than overlaying a hundred sound tricks.

Every single episode [starting with the creeping cello of “The brink“, the yet-a-classic “False Light” single, the space-rocking “Alternate“, the dramatic tunes of “The dumbing down“, the blood chilling keys of “Underlooked” and ending with the cathartic beauty of “The brink (reprise)” (by all means a sonic representation of what i do imagine to feel in my first 15 minutes after phisical death has occured) ] causes underskin goosebumps.

So deep that you can actually feel & see your soul, scary but peaceful vision, like an open-casket funeral: both in death and rebirth.

Maybe naive to post such a comment from the record label itself, but it is so relieving to feel one with the record, like if we would have composed and recorded this album, and not only be the ‘dirty wholesale dealer’ behind it.

Grazie to let us feel again the pleasure to release records
(Roberto / Avantgarde Music)