‘Jhanas-Nur’ the beginning…..

200 copies will be the total edition, coming in a rough-cardboard numbered box and including a set of cards (gold print on black): that’s the basic set-up for ‘Jhanas-Nur’ CD reissue.

This is where the magic path of DOWNFALL OF NUR started, a very rough demo maybe, but that already shown some clear and bright inspiration for the beauty to come…

The hypnotic, repeated instrumentals, the primitive yet almost tribal drumming, are the essential and gazing components of this demo. Like accelerating vertigos, this demo will take possession of your subconscious like an unheard ‘black metal vs kraut rock’ endless session.

Possibly out in early 2016, due to the extremely limited edition this release will not be distributed by other mailorders or labels, but only in our store.