Hornwood Fell -new signing

The project was born in May 2013 under 90’s black metal influence. Among the group’s major influences the fierceness of Ulver’s Nattens Madrigal, the compulsiveness of Darkthrone, the first Borknagar album, Satyricon and Burzum. Rotten sounds. The past recurs and condensates in shadows and noises, dark and obscure woods, stones to stumble upon, dirt in the mouth.
Hornwood Fell are: Marco Basili guitars/voice, Andrea Basili Drums, (already members of Hastur, Kailash, My Talking Pua, VinterFresa and former members of Krom and Germanotta Youth) and Andrea Vacca Bass (former member of Krom/Kailash).

The Glory of norwegian-style 90’s black metal rises & lives again! Stop jollying about punk and speed metal ‘Fenr’, this is the thing!