Janus ‘Nigredo’ ready for release

After the stunning full-lenght debut “Fulgures” (ATMF, 2007), the acclaimed, progressive and deep followup “Vega” (ATMF, 2008) and two compilations (“Black Metal Invitta Armata”, 2009, and “Önd – A Tribute to Enslaved”, 2012) italian act JANVS (or Janus, if you write it low case) is back with a new deal on Avantgarde Music.
Being in the band’s mind for a long time, the re-recording of the 2004 demo “Nigredo” is a step in a new musical direction, yet deeply rooted in what made Janus such an interesting project.
Fully re-recorded by the complete lineup (Matteo Barelli, Claudio Fogliato and Massimo “M:A: Fog” Altomare) and rearranged to match the evolution of the last ten years, “Nigredo” is a haunting and dark shaded trip back in the first stage of a growing awareness.
The four original tracks from the 2004 demo are rebuilt from scratch paying great attention to the sounds and landscapes evocated by the rewritten lyrics. Custom made guitar and bass effects wrap their unique sound around the italian lyrics of “Imperium”, “Abisso”, “Rovina” and “Suicidio”.
You will follow them surrounded by the original drawings and artwork by Francesco Gemelli (that already painted for JANVS on the previous “Vega” booklet).
“Nigredo” features Ivar Bjørnson from Enslaved as guest guitarist on our “793” cover, and Palingenius (Gladio) as guest vocals on “Imperium”.