Both Olhava albums available for preorder

Post-black metal duo from Saint Petersburg Olhava will see both their albums, self-titled debut Olhava (2019) and sophomore release Ladoga released in LP for the first time via Avantgarde Music. The albums are scheduled for release around November 12th and will be available in a nice-price bundle until October 25th. Both will be available in a colored splatter edition limited to 150 copies only.

You can find everything on our Sound Cave mailorder at the following links:
Olhava – Olhava LP
Olhava – Ladoga LP
Olhava – Olhava + Ladoga LP bundle

And in case you’re into CDs, here are both titles in their compact form:
Olhava – Olhava CD
Olhava – Ladoga CD