Battle Dagorath signs to Avantgarde Music

BATTLE DAGORATH was brought into existence in 2002. Since the beginning, creating a death march through Cosmic Frozen Landscapes, Cold Bleak Atmospheres and Intense Glorification of Darkness. The essence of Battle Dagorath is reaching into the vast Primordial Dimensions. Landscapes that represent the pure misanthropic dreams of the dying winter, nihilism, darkness, the chaos of eternity and our fleeting existence.
Through their journey in releasing three albums and participation in a 3-way split, Battle Dagorath has continued to travel along these gateways of prophecy, dreams, provocation, and unreality. Encountering Mysterious revelations from the Ancient Sky, and invoking Haunted pathways through the endless void of Pure Astral Winter Sorcery. Battle Dagorath continues to redefine their visions with new monuments to come, The cycle continues and more transformation awaits us. We come from the Blackness of the stars and will return there.

Battle Dagorath is currently busy recording nonetheless than two albums for Avantgarde Music,  “I – Dark Dragons of the Cosmos” andII – Shroud Us in your Frozen Light of Eternal Darkness”

The release of both albums will be pretty much close in time, in a manner to guarantee the ideal/conceptual series and continuation between the two efforts: for this reason we might study also an accurate release plan to involve the fans in the “twin” releases.