Echoes of the Moon ‘Entropy’

US post-blackmetal one man band

“Entropy” is the follow up to the 2014 album “Esoteric” and features a more polished sound and explores similar philosophical themes. The first 4 tracks take the listener into very dark territory with brief moments of peace and beauty while the last 4 tracks take the listener through beauty with moments of darkness into an ultimate silence. The songs play seamlessly as one piece of music but are split for accessibility.

Initially self-released digitally by the Artist, the album has been released on March 15 as a 6 panels digipack.

Responses so far have been very encouraging.

(..) Featuring elements of psychedelic, progressive and depressive Black Metal, this is very atmospheric and richly textured. Resplendent melodies, extended guitar solos and understated synths all enhance the flavour of the emotive riffs and Entropy is an album to be savoured and enjoyed in its entirety. (..) (excerpt from wonderboxmetal review)


Echoes of the Moon digipack
Echoes of the Moon digipack

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