When a refund right becomes a crime…

It’s not even funny anymore: nowdays most popular sport is to claim back Paypal refunds.

Customers want stuff in advance and they want it now, although most likely they will not care about it anymore the day after receiving it,  still… they want it now or even before.. yesterday!

If they don’t receive what they have ordered within a week they will ask Paypal  to collect money back: they dont even care about the reason of the delay / problem.

The war against rip-offs has become the real rip-off crusade! It’s the anti-antis! The revenge of the good people that makes them bad people.

In Italy we have built a national spirit on the proverb “The circumstance can turn any man into a thief” after all..

Sadly enough Paypal (just like any Bank do with Credit Cards net system) is totally on the side of customers: there is no right no weapon no power left for the sellers. We are just “begging beggars” praying people to still bother their asses and buy from us a few cds: not enough, now we also have to hope that they will repute theis asses to be satisfied customers, otherwise they claim money refund without even writing a single email first and checking out what’s wrong with their order processing.

This is not fair, this is not a customer’s right anymore: it’s a crime.

Luckily we are still talking about a small phenomenon in percentage of the whole customers base, but it’s obviously destined to increase…

South American, Far East’s and Italian mindcrimes have a mastery in this game, but lately even the French and the ethically valorous Germans have jumped on the wagon.

What really leaves speechless is the Pontius Pilate policy of Paypal who stands on the customers’ side always and no matter what: initially they just “freeze” that money claimed back by the customer and ask the sellers to provide enough documentation that the order was shipped and delivered to the right person!

This is totally ilarious and, obviously, NOT POSSIBLE.

Not even a registered parcel (which is expensive and customers obviously dont wanna pay for!) can provide a 100% guarantee that the parcel was delivered to the right human…: imagine trying to track a registered parcel shipped to Jadi Sihat Dan Kuat in Malaysia.. and obtain a signature from the local post office. Even if possible you will get back a scan with a schizoid ink sign that could belong to anybody really… and thus, Paypal ignore it and  physically take the money from the seller’s account.