Expanding towards death metal: Unorthodox Emanations

We’ve been dealing with extreme music for most of our lives, and never really cared for boundaries. Along the years we’ve been comfortable releasing Solefald and Katatonia, Thergothon and Behemoth, Sojourner and Lycia, ISON and Abigor, regardless of what could be a proper “labeling” to their music. You should not be surprised, then, when we say that our usual listens span through a wide range of genres, including death metal. Yet, it is undeniable that our focus with Avantgarde Music has mainly been towards black metal, doom metal and darkwave, and their various embodiments.

This is why when we decided to bring our label into death metal territories we also wanted to make a clear statement about it. Even if these territories we have known for decades.

So here we are, announcing that starting today we will officially enter the death metal world, and that any Avantgarde Music death metal release shall bear the Unorthodox Emanations logo, crafted by the extremely talented Italian designer STRX.

Unorthodox Emanations will not be a sub-label, will not be Avantgarde’s little zombie-loving brother, rather just an expansion of Avantgarde Music itself. The same people will keep on doing the same work, with the very same enthusiasm and passion. Hopefully, this will pay with the same results and we will be able to produce some interesting music. Stay tuned.

The first Unorthodox Emanations-related news are popping up, and they include Berlin-based Teratoma and US old-schoolers Tiwanaku.