Rising from the tsunami and following flood that decimated the west coast of South America 18,000 years ago after a comet hit in the pacific, the many spirits of Tiahuanacu, in Bolivia, summoned vocalist/guitarist Ed Mowery in a vision to create a musical band and call it Tiwanaku. The band has risen from the muddy depths of the underground of Tiwanaku to create a form of death metal that will find die-hard metalheads across the planet intrigued by the quality of music and lyrical content created at the expense of many of the unknowns on our planet and surrounding universe, with three vocalists singing and complementing each other.

You can look for the spirits of Pre-Columbian deities on the band’s Facebook page and official website.

Discography (main releases only):
Tiwanaku Demo 2003
Earthbase One Full-length 2022