Sur Austru announces new album Datura Străhiarelor

Three years after the acclaimed Obârșie, Romanian folk/progressive black metal band Sur Austru is back with their third studio album, Datura Străhiarelor.

Sur Austru was born from the ashes of the late Negură Bunget, keeping alive their intent to bring Romanian lore into music. Datura Străhiarelor is the band’s most complex and ambitious project to date, the music heavily leaning on the progressive and folkloristic side, even more than before.

Datura Străhiarelor is Romanian for The Gift of Scarecrows” and is a concept album focusing on the Apocalypse triggered by magical beings from Romanian mythology. Their spells break the gate between the fantastic world and the real one, through which ancient beasts surge, thus annihilating humankind.

“Farmacarea” is the first single from Datura Străhiarelor, which will be released via Avantgarde Music on CD, 2LP and digital on August 30th, 2024. Preorder links can be found hereunder.

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