Selvans “Dark Italian Art” EP rescheduled

We received the following statement from Selvans himself, giving us an update on his forthcoming Dark Italian Art EP.

“Alright, the time to probe behind the veil has come…
2020 should have closed with the new EP Dark Italian Art but I have chosen to postpone it by one year, in order to take care of every single detail of this release.
It will be an unusual EP ’cause I had the honor to team up with a ‘non-musical’ guest: writer Luigi Musolino, the best Italian horror crafter of our times, in my opinion!
Together we created the novel VerrĂ  Corvo Morto (‘Corvo Morto will come’), a tale placed in the woods of North-Eastern Italy after the end of the first world conflict.
The novel has inspired an homonymous track and will be attached to the EP both in Italian and English language.
Furthermore, starting with this EP I’ll have my whole band with me also in studio, with Archeron and Apsychos on guitars, Agares on bass and Hyakrisht on drums, great musicians who have been by my side on stage for several years now.
The EP will be released by Avantgarde Music by the end of the year and will be the manifesto of everything this project has been and will be.
See ya,

  • Selvans