on French negativity…. CALDERA

Cut from their bio: “CALDERA has been performing Instrumental Negative Riffing since 2001. Rather than going straight to the point, we deliberately use sideways, take you through the filthiest detours but stay assured you’ll get your load of insane headbanging listening to our music. That’s what it’s all about”

It’s not being lazy, it’s just that I couldn’t come-up with a better fitting description !
Instrumental doom, falling asleep you suggest ?, no… it’s not like that… in fact yet the word “doom” and “metal” (in its purest form and radical meaning) are a little bit out of contest here.
Caldera’s music is coloured of many more shades: it’s red and raging… it’s white and cold….
these up and downs make the listening to their new “Mithra” album a pleasure even without the presence of a shouter behind the microphone !

Mithra will be released in February in 391 vinyl copies, 33 of them including an handmade one-of-a-kind litho made by Chimere Noire, and in digiCD

Please check-out the quicky-preview clip we published here or on our youtube channel

Caldera’s Myspace