The live debut of KAUAN is just another good reason to turn on the lights on our super active friends of KOGAIONON and DONIS ART. It was indeed a big surprise for us to hear that Anton finally made it: recruiting musicians and starting to conceive KAUAN as a real band ready to performconcerts. A Kauan gig must be indeed something to witness! To debut at KRUNA will make this surprise even special. Lets read something more about this serie of events, in their whole named “Kruna 2012”:

DonisArt proposes for 2012 a new KRUNA expression, in the elegant Reduta theatre hall from Brasov, a location ready to receive those friends from all places who value and wish to make the difference between a normal concert and an art show. Moreover, KRUNA is addressed to those people who are open to new, atypical musical experiences and who want to enjoy in peculiar conditions the expression of some talented and inspired musicians. During 3 Special EveningsKRUNA 2012 brings us 9 bands from 8 European countries, stylistically different, therefore:

  • 3 bands return to Romania with new representations;
  • 4 bands will hold their first concert ever;
  • 2 bands come to Romania for the first time to present their friends one of their few concerts;

ARCTURUS, Norway (Avantgarde Black Metal)

ATOMA, Sweden (Experimental Metal Rock)

DIRTY GRANNY TALES, Greece (Dark Theatrical Music and Dance Puppets Theatre)

CECILIA EYES, Belgium (Instrumental Post-Rock)

EVERY SILVER LINING HAS A CLOUD, France (Romantic Post-Rock)

KAUAN, Russia (Melancholic Atmospheric Ambient)

ROME, Luxembourg (Melodramatic Neofolk)

SYVEN, Finland (Shamanic Ambient Waves)

SLUMBER, Sweden (Melodic Doom Death Metal)

The 9 bands will perform in 3 different Saturdays:

KRUNA Marta March 31

KRUNA Pratar May 5

KRUNA Neios December 8


See bands schedules in this video teaser: