KAUAN and TOWARDS DARKNESS albums appetizers…

Hey hey,
we have uploaded here & there some previews from the forthcoming albums of KAUAN and TOWARDS DARKNESS.

Kauan is now completed: recorded, mixed and mastered through a true ‘state of the Art’ process, its sound is just incredibly amazing and crafts the now well known writing skills of main composer, musician and vocalist of the band, Anton Belov.

Towards Darkness is not finalized yet. The band is currently doing a final mix and mastering, therefore what you can hear now is a ruff mix, although pretty close the final shape of the song (otherwise it wouldn’t be here, would it ?)

The Canadian doom monsters have recorded loads of extra material: we are currently valuing all opportunities of how to use these bonus songs. Maybe an independent mini album, or a bonus disc to the main album ? We will post a more clear idea soon