Kanonenfieber & Leipa open preorders

The collaboration between Avantgarde Music and Noisebringer Records, the record company owned by German gifted multi-instrumentalist Noise, is stronger than ever, and we are pleased to announce preorder openings for the next two joint releases: Kanonenfieber‘s new 7” Der Füsilier and Leipa‘s sophomore studio album Reue.

Both releases will be available from shipping from January 13th, 2023, and are available in several different formats.

KanonenfieberDer Füsilier 7”
Sound Cave – Solid Orange (Avantgarde Music exclusive)
Sound Cave – White / orange / blue
Sound Cave – both colors bundle
(The baby blue color version is available from the band exclusively)

Jewel case CD
Colored LP

Here you can stream the first single from Reue, opening track “01.09.2015”: