Defacement signs to Unorthodox Emanations

Their self-titled album from 2021 has been one of the most-spinned records in the Avantgarde Music lair in recent years, hence it is with great pleasure that we can officially announce that blackened death metal masters Defacement will join our ranks to release their third studio album, which is currently being completed.

Defacement was formed in Utrecht in 2019, involving members from different geographical areas such as Lybia, Italy and the Netherlands, and has since released two albums, Deviant (2019) and Defacement (2021).

Defacement‘s new record, which will tentatively see the light in the summer of 2024, will carry the logo of Avantgarde Music‘s death metal division Unorthodox Emanations, and will mark an official collaboration with Total Dissonance Worship, which will distribute the vinyl version in North America. All relevant details will be shared in due time.

All pictures used by kind concession of the band.