Avantgarde Music Circle of Wax

Buying a single record over the internet is very expensive, not (only) because of its price, but mainly because of its shipping cost. Couriers and postal services increased their fares along the years, and the bearing of such cost on small purchases is substantial. On the other hand, any shipping weighing less than 2kg has pretty much the same cost, regardless of you buying one vinyl or half a dozen.

We know we have many regular customers coming from all over the world. If you’re here, you are likely to be one of them. A fan trusting us to provide you with valuable releases, who may be willing to buy more records at a cheaper price and not wasting money on shipping fares.

For these reasons we thought of creating the Avantgarde Music Circle Of Wax, a way to thank you for the support you showed us so far. A subscription-like deal, allowing you to receive every Avantgarde Music release at a flat, discounted price, with substantial savings on shippings..

You will be delivered 4 Avantgarde Music vinyl releases every two months (our publication rate is two albums per month), paying 60€ + a fixed shipping rate. Here are some examples including some of the most frequent cases:
Italy:  8.00€ 
Europe (DE/BE/NL/ES/AT/FR): 9.00€ 
Europe 2 (CH/NO/UK/GR/ etc): 13.00€ 
US & Canada: 22.00€ (shipped via UPS Express)
Australia & New Zealand:  22.00€

This will guarantee you the limited colored version of every single album at a special price, paying every release only 15€ (regardless of them being single or double LP albums).

This is a subscription valid for our new releases only, hence you will start receiving the albums the month after you join the initiative. E.G. if you join in October 2021, you will receive a parcel in November 2021, containing the two albums released in October and the two albums released in November in one single shipping.

Subscriptions will go live starting the month of September with the current releases. If you already preordered any of them and are interested in becoming an Avantgarde Music Circle Of Wax subscriber mail us at info-at-avantgardemusic.com, we will give you the chance to complete your subscription with only an additional payment to match the sub’s price. In other words, if you already preordered Eard and/or Ikarie debut album(s), and want to join the Circle Of Wax, get in touch!

Furthermore, if you trust Avantgarde Music general taste and release schedule, you can subscribe for longer periods: you can purchase 3 or 6 bi-monthly bundles and get covered for six months or even an entire year. These purchases are additionally discounted -10% and -15% on the price of one single bundle: 54.00€ x3 instead of 60.00€ x3 on the biannual plan and 50.00€ x6 instead of 60.00€ x6 on the yearly plan (plus x3 or x6 shipping rates of course).

You can join the bimonthly Circle of Wax via our own Sound Cave mailorder.
The six and twelve month plans are available on Bigcartel.