and more on the forthcoming Waxblast…

Avantgarde Music never really was a vinyl-fixated label: sincerely and with no hypocrisy, cds were selling so much that doing a vinyl could even be an annoying weight at times (and not all bands afterall have the vinyl physique du role…, i.e. what is the bonus factor to release and/or own a Katatonia vinyl ?).

So, a part for a few exceptions, we did let the vinyl-specialized labels almost “do them all on our behalf” whenever there was a specific demand: basically what we professionally called “licensing” or more realistically called “doing some charity” to those labels. Because of course they were “small” while we even had a fax machine, because they had a “niche market” while we were making million euros selling cds, and because vinyls “are expensive to manufacture” while cds you can scratch down the walls of your office for free like parmesan cheese !
And of course none of the vinyl-labels-managers ever contemplated the fact that back then bands were asking 4-5000 euro to record an album… It seems like this was not a cost for them, but a divine payment… probably made in the name of god.. and none of their business anyway because they were not business men after all but just music maniacs with a mission to release vinyls

For all these reasons they couldnt really pay us a license, substantial money I mean, but just kindly send you 17 copies samples of the vinyl itself, 4 months after release date

“Nosce te ipsum !” and stop regretting later ! I tend to repeat myself nowdays
However we were contributing to make them moderately rich on Ebay while witnessing (our) cds sales falling down like stars in mid August nights.

Now and on we will try to do our own vinyls although not for all bands, as said. However the vinyl market itself is changed a lot in the last 5 years being not anymore an hysterical revival for the elder or a need to collect what their youth made them miss for the youngers.
Today a vinyl is a normal offering as a cd: good reasons to prefer it, as many as to go for the plastic small case, as many good reasons to don’t buy either of them at all and go for some Youtube streaming, that is more than enough in many cases !

However for all of you black wax freakos whatever is your reason to go for the vinyl (being you a retarded or a new enthusiast or an owner of a big  apartment), we will shortly announce release dates for:

Darkspace “Dark Space -I” LP
Nortt “Galgenfrist” Picture LP
Pensées Nocturnes “Grotesque” LP

For the first, read previous blog please

The second, NORTT, we already did a gatefold black vinyl LP in 2007 (was it ?), so now we are gonna do a picture LP: but with “something special around it”… not just a picture LP in a clear envelope…

The third: Pensées Nocturnes ! Not our Artist unfortunately and undoubtly one of the best album of 2010, released by Gérald Milani’s L.A.D.L.O. Productions.
One that stucks in your mind and just can’t get out of it.
This will be a sort of experiment too, dealing at twisted-turn-sides of the table for once: being “the vinyl specialized label” licensed from the real owner of this opera, and applying for the charity benefits this time ! ah ah !