Anachronism announces “Meanders”

Lausanne-based dissonant technical death metal quartet Anachronism will release their new studio album, Meanders, on January 27th, 2023. A follow-up to their 2018 album Orogeny, Meanders further develops the Swiss diverse influences, from dissonant, technical and brutal death metal to jazz and prog music.

Anahchronism new album will be out via Avantgarde Music death metal division, Unorthodox Emanations, on CD and LP, with an artwork by the one and only Adam Burke. Here follows the full tracklist:

01 – Contrasts
02 – Meanders
03 – Prism
04 – Source
05 – Insula
06 – Mirage
07 – Macrocosm
08 – Dialogues

Preorder Meanders here:
Sound Cave

You can stream the title track “Meanders” via YouTube and Bandcamp.