…about LYRINX

Quite a long while ago we did sign Lyrinx and we have decided they must be on board with us on Avantgarde Music 2.0
So, differently than with other bands from the old roster, we both survived the wish to get rid of each other. At least because we never released anything with these noir Brits !

Something is happening at last, the band is drawing a sharp circle around their whole idea for a new album. We recently received and now publish the following update with blind faith:

‘Restriction and Failure’s theme was written during a period of oppression during the summer on 2008. Simply put, this album focuses on the drone-like soul destroying nature of capitalism (or the system), and provides and analysis of the illusory nature of reality. Consciousness could be considered to be a miracle, yet the human spirit is divided and crushed by process, tax, and social structures. Why would anybody contribute to a system that is ALL an illusion?

Before you are able to look at the bigger picture, you must reduce yourself to naught. This album therefore focuses on that journey. Musically this album will represent the old (Nihilistic Purity), and new (Ending the Circle of Life) but will also include elements of progressive metal and post-rock melancholy.’