We recently received a despatch from outer spaces…

>> We have come to an agreement with historical underground label Avantgarde Music for the release of “Christological Escalation” and possibly of our debut album.
Avantgarde will release “Christological Escalation” on 10″EP and mini-CD format.
They will also run a limited edition of the 10″EP including the CD in a special packaging…
The artwork has been made by renowed visionnaries Viral Graphics,  who have already worked for The Melvins, Moss,  Unearthly Trance, Grief, Electric Wizard, Nebula, Monster Magnet, Keelhaul, The Howling Wind,  Mudhoney, Big Business, etc.
The recording features 4 tracks of harsh and mesmerizing black metal, inspired primarily from the french and norwegian masters, as well as from select industrial & ambient acts.
“Christological Escalation” has been recorded, mixed and mastered by Amnis Nihili member and craftsman A.
Concept-wise, it has been motivated by the mockery of eschatology and anti-fundamentalist pragmaticism.
The release schedule will be announced soon <<

We receive, accept and obey: by all means still mesmerized by this short but intense ep.
It’s just a quarter of an hour, but you will live it so intensely: your body nailed to the chair, your mind and soul trespassing outer spheres.
In the coming days we will post here more details: an audio excerpt and some visuals.