Sojourner ‘Empires of Ash’

As equally majestic as it is furious, Empires of Ash channels that epic spirit of black metal bands like Summoning, Saor, and even Emperor. What really sets Sojourner apart from their contemporaries for is how well they weave the folk instruments into their songs; a variety of flutes, piano, and synths pour personality into the music. When ever they make an appearance they really heighten the atmosphere and give just the right amount of spine-tingling punch. Add in a smattering of pristine medieval-styled female vocals to break up the throaty rasps and the mystical element is delightfully accentuated.

Consisting of members from various countries Sojourner have put together a pretty epic album of 7 tracks ranging in length between 4 and 12 minutes

Released on 20.06.2016 as a 6 panels digipack.

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