‘Yūgen’ by Ashbringer!!

Seeing an 18 year old perform and compose every instrument with clarity of thought and intentional songwriting chops beyond his years was impressive enough, but 2016 sees Nick Stanger as exuberant as ever; Yūgen outshines their debut  “Vacant” in every aspect. A gorgeous expedition through luscious soundscapes aided by an oriental tint, Ashbringer present one of the most invigorating, raw, and enjoyable adventures the genre has seen so far this year.

Nick Stanger, the mastermind behind Ashbringer, changed from a one-man-do-it-all on their first album Vacant to a full band for this record.  I am impressed by the musical prowess, the ability to project Atmospheric Death Metal onto the unsuspecting listener with the promise of vast open lands lurking somewhere behind yonder mists that are obscuring the view.

It’s released on 19.06.2016 as a beautiful 6 panels digipack with 12 pages booklet, ORDER YOUR COPY HERE!