Xasthur split albums

After having anticipated the release of these records months ago, as part of our agreement that granted us the release of the “Nightmares at Dawn” compilation CD, we are now delighted to make it real and official: both Xasthur-Acid Enema and Xasthur-Angra Mainyu split albums are already at the manufacturing plant now and in the last steps of production.

So what’s the last hour news about these… here we go!

First, as you can see, the format: these will be for now two split 12″ LP.
The second important new is that we welcome on-board for this releases project the promising new label Essential Purification Records, so the records will be co-released by Avantgarde Music and Marek / EPR.
Essential Purification did an awesome job with the Sun of the Blind vinyl license and release so it was quite natural for us to try and have a joint release with them.

Now a few notes on the records themselves: the two titles obviously are individual releases but we have conceived them in a way that they look like a serie of 2/2 releases (have a look at the cover mock-ups and previews and you see what we mean).

They come in black vinyl, covers printed on reverse cardboard 350 grams and inner black paper sleeves with plastic protection and A4 colors insert .
For this reason a bundle offer is also be provided to buy both them together at reduced price  (non mandatory of course).
As both records already are in production we are looking for being able to ship them starting on May 5th