Vimur opens preorders for The Timeless Everpresent, releases new single

Deep within the Hyperborean mists there lies a pale blue light. It is the light of a flame whose embers have been smoldering long and low, awaiting the day when it will engulf the sky in brilliant and terrible cerulean Aurora. That day has come. Formed in 2006 as the singular musical vision of Vaedis, Vimur is a black metal band from the American South. Despite its hot, humid origins, Vimur‘s sound has a layer of icy frost seemingly shipped from beyond space and time.

Along the years, Vimur evolved into a full live-performing band, releasing three studio full-length albums, one EP and one live record. 2024 marks the collaboration between the Georgia-based band with long-standing Italian label Avantgarde Music to release the band’s fourth album, The Timeless Everpresent.

“Sons Of Another Light” is the first single from The Timeless Everpresent, scheduled for release via Avantgarde Music on July 5th on CD, LP and digital.

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