Spleen Black Metal, the consecration of Nocturnal Depression

Slowly but unstoppable, Nocturnal Depression escalate their weight and importance in the DSBM scene release by release since their 2006’s grand classic ‘Nostalgia..’ and reaching now to their 5th studio album: Spleen Black Metal.

As the title per-sè foretells, this album is lyrically built on the poems of a selected elìte of French poets and writers: Baudelaire, Cros, Laforgue, Brusset, Lamartine, elevating in this way the contents and target of this album to the top, lyrically. Musicwise Nocturnal Depression continues their evolution too, by all evidences already started with their 2010’s The Cult of Negation album, the first with a better production and showing a much more mature band in terms of arrangements and song writing.

The occasional inserts of a Cello give to this album even a more sad and sophisticated tone, disclosing in full the band’s potentials in terms of writing growth.

‘Spleen Black Metal’ has been released in the end of June, and you can BUY a copy here, or stream the album in full on Bandcamp, where you can also download the album.