Ringarë announces new album “Of Momentous Endless Night”, releases new single

Two years after their acclaimed Thrall of Winter’s Majesty, international black metal duo Ringarë will release their new studio effort, Of Momentous Endless Night, on December 15th, 2023, marking the beginning of their collaboration with Avantgarde Music.

Born from the unity of purpose of two prolific musicians, American Alex “Esoterica” Poole (Skáphe, Chaos Moon, Nattfärd, Ars Hmu and many others) and Swedish Likpredikaren (Nattfärd, Ars Hmu, Demonomantic and more), Ringarë has grown a dedicated cult following over the years.

Of Momentous Endless Night will feature four brand-new tracks, clocking in at over fortytwo minutes of playing time. Preorders are now available via Sound Cave and Bandcamp at the links hereunder. “Of Mages And Mystics” is the first single from the album, and can be streamed exclusively via the Avantgarde Music YouTube channel.

Of Momentous Endless Night
01 – Usurping Dark Magicks
02 – Shadow Coronation
03 – Of Mages and Mystics
04 – Blood Pact Vindication

Sound Cave