Olhava releases new digital single “Eternal Fire”

Russian blackgaze duo Olhava just released a new digital single, Eternal Fire, an anticipation of their incoming new studio album, which will be announced in the coming weeks.

Born in 2016, Olhava has been growing a dedicated following in these last few years thanks to their personal formula of blackgaze and ambient, and a peculiar sensitivity and melancholy. Eternal Fire is the bridge between their 2022 album Reborn and their incoming studio effort, which was recently completed and will see the light soon.

Eternal Fire can be streamed on all and every digital platforms worldwide, as well as on Avantgarde Music YouTube channel.

What follows is a heartfelt comment from the band.

“Don’t let the fire die, ignited by your dreams…”
This lyric was written during the most desperate times when making music and poetry was salvation.
This lyric comes from feeling weak and disillusioned, from feeling lost and going astray. Now, after 10 years since it was written, it’s time to share this very personal message with you.
Being able to dream is one of the most valuable things. Being able to reach your goals and to regroup after being shattered, to be able to find your way again, is something we have to teach ourselves.
This music was written during brief periods over the course of three painfully long years, which transformed all of our lives beyond recognition. Now we wish you the power to keep living, dreaming, and staying on your path.
“… never give up, just breathe.”