‘Nightmares at Dawn’

We are proud to announce to have sealed an agreement with XASTHUR for the release of this giant combo:

“Nightmares at Dawn” Unreleased album
(consisting of 14 tracks recorded between 2004 and 2009!!)

“Summoning the End of Time” Re-issue
(split album with Acid Enema)

“Sermon in the Name of Death” Re-issue
(split album with Angra Mainyu)

“t.b.a.” compilation
(On top of the above three main curses, Malefic opened his vaults and put together another bomb in the likes of a collection of 9 bonus tracks taken from various moments of Xasthur history, including unreleased tracks and, i.e., the tracks from the Xasthur / Nachtmystium split 7″ from 2004)

Full details about “Nightmares at Dawn” (available formats and release date) that is the main feature of this agreement, will be unfold as soon as possible.

Some basic but important notes for now:

1) It has to be remembered that Xasthur stopped his activities in 2010 and thus “Nightmares at Dawn” is not given as a ‘new’ album, but we can anticipate that this is gonna be a real and valuable Xasthur offering consisting of unreleased songs written and recorded in the last 5 years of its existence plus 3 Xasthur classics anthems re-recorded in different moments (‘Prison of Mirrors’, ‘Screaming at Forgotten Fears’ and ‘Suicide in Dark Serenity’).

2) The splits with Angra Mainyu and Acid Enema are longly sold-out and almost on a collectors stuff status now. We will try to maintain their original shape although some substantial rework in the artworks might be needed. We hereby thank THR Sweden for agreeing easy and on friendly terms at these glorious reissues.
Certain treasures dont need to be buried and forgotten.

3) The ‘t.b.a.’ bonus songs collection: we are going to sit-down and make a plan together with Malefic on what is the best and proper way to unleash them. Several ideas in the cauldron, but indeed it was clear since the beginning that to dismember and share them on the three other releases would be stupid and destroying the other releases purpose and original ideas. This might appear as a bonus disc for a special edition of the unreleased album or a self-standing release. Time shall tell (shortly!)
*** Last but NOT least, we are very happy to announce the first label’s joint venture of our history!
As everybody else who’s slowly getting old, we are caring about the youngers growing… 🙂 and thus we are extremely excited to have involved in the Xasthur releases project the fresh but solid forces of Lo-Fi Creatures record label from Italy.

Lo-Fi Creatures is a rather young team with a clear vision of the actual record business and, most of all, growing-up month by month with concrete actions.
It is driven by creative and enthusiastic people working their asses 24/7 in all aspects of music: taking care of their artists & releases from the studio production and graphic characterization to the practical but necessary aspects, like organising (many!) live events and selling records at venues!
Soon celebrating their 1st anniversary on December 10th, the label already released an handful of aces, from the debut album by Whiskey Ritual to the recent missiles named Abaton (check out this amazing act!) and Frangar.

Keep an eye open on them:
as we do!

A virtual hand-shake and blood-drops sharing with Dott.Morte, A. and the rest of their pretty entourage, Miss Bones and Plague
Cups & glasses high! Now stop the bullshit and lets work.