Nest Fabled Lore / Hidden Stream available for preorder

Remastered and joined together in a single release, the first two Nest EPs see the light again! Fabled Lore and Hidden Stream, originally released in 2000 and 2003, will finally be available on vinyl as part of a comprehensive reissue work via Avantgarde Music!

The full plan will include:
Fabled Lore / Hidden Stream (the two EPs from 2000 and 2001 will be re-released jointly)
Woodsmoke (2003)
Trail Of The Unwary (2007 – the release will also include some non-album tracks)
Mietteitä (2015 – this album has never been released in any physical format before)

Nest is an atmospheric folk / acoustic group from Finland, formed in the summer of 1999, mainly focusing on the use of the Kantele, a traditional Finnish instrument. The project, led by multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Aslak Tolonen (also member of Syven and several others), has always kept a shy behaviour, releasing three studio albums along the quarter of a century and playing selected live gigs.

About this reissue, Tolonen commented: “To celebrate this reissue, the sound is revisited and improved in numerous ways. The original had an ascetic dry sound, that has now been made voluminous and the aural dimensions have been expanded significantly – without compromising the original material and keeping its spirit intact. Hopefully you enjoy this new version as much as I do”.

Fabled Lore / Hidden Stream is now available for preorder via the usual Sound Cave and Bandcamp, and is scheduled for release on June 14th.

01 – Land Behind The Mist
02 – Mink Twins
03 – The Elk King’s Daughter
04 – An Oaken Citadel
05 – Enchantment For Few
06 – Hideout
07 – Harbinger Of A Great Winter
08 – Land Behind The Mist
09 – An Oaken Citadel

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