Malist signs to Avantgarde Music

Malist is a solo black metal project from Moscow, Russia, created by Ovfrost. The project originated in 2017 as a series of home recording experiences. Soon, a a musical concept was developed based on general melancholic mood of the music, minimalistic rhythm guitar-centered arrangements, with some ground for atmospheric digressions.

Malist released an album trilogy, In the Catacombs of Time (2019), To Mantle the Rising Sun (2020) and Karst Relict (2021), lyrically revolving around the mysterious underground Karst Realm, with the protagonist on his way to seek answers through its vast and obscure halls.
2022 saw the release of the fourth album by the Russian musician, As I Become Darkness, a release that was not meant to be part of the band’s repertoire at first, due to its intense fierceness and aggression, but was still unleashed by Ovfrost to reflect his anxieties over the tragedies of today.

Now Malist is ready to embark on a new journey, as the time to unveil a fifth album in little more than five years draws near. This and further Malist endeavours will be supported by Avantgarde Music.