Malist releases new single “Ode To The Night”

“…for in the gloom our secrets are safe, and our wounds may heal in silence.”

Russian one-man black metal band Malist releases “Ode To The Night”, the first single from their incoming new studio album, which will mark their first collaboration with Avantgarde Music.

A tribute to the all-forgiving darkness, “Ode To The Night” is a song born to transcend fear and loss by observing the night in all its grandness and solemnity. It’s based on simple guitar riffs and melodies, yet delivers a rich atmosphere with heavy-laden synths and shrieking vocals. Ode to the Night will be included in the next album by Malist, which is to be revealed soon.

“Ode To The Night” can be streamed on all digital streaming platforms, as well as via Avantgarde Music YouTube channel.