Malist “Of Scorched Earth” out in January

Malist is a one-man black metal band formed in 2017. In only six years, talented multi-instrumentalist Ov Frost released four full-length studio albums, keeping an unrelenting pace.

Of Scorched Earth is the fifth record by Malist, which also marks the beginning of their collaboration with Avantgarde Music. In the words of its mastermind, “Of Scorched Earth tells a tale of mankind, and why it shall inevitably die in nature’s grasp. The ships of those seeking conquest shall be forever buried in the sands of time. Only the few blessed by the primal deities shall be granted passage through the gates of apocalypse”.

After releasing a first single, “Ode To The Night”, Malist now releases a brand-new lyric video for the album opener, “The Lone and Level Sands”, will be premiered via Black Metal Promotion on December 2nd.

Preorders for Of Scorched Earth are now available via Sound Cave and Bandcamp at the following links:
Sound Cave