Jewels we envy to other labels..

it’s not that many, but it’s quite a few.

But talking about record that left some scars in me in the last few years, this one is still on top of them all.

Have a look here gringos:  Blindead – Affliction XXVII II MMIX

The beauty and the angst that are present in every single second of this album are really emotionally taking me every single time I listen to it. It is also emotionally taking the fact-in-itself that a band can still release a GIANT album full of new elements and with an incredible song writing skill in these years.

“Neurosis meet Pink Floyd”: arrogant but take it in your mouth and swallow it.

This is a band, to my point of view, still criminally underrated, and you are now partially in blame of this since you have read this article and are not eventually acting.

Congratulations to Mystic Productions for having released this masterpiece.