General update February 2012

Promising a more detailed update for each and every mentioned Artist in the coming days, we hereby advance a few work-in-progress..

XASTHUR ‘Nightmares at Dawn’: the CD is soon going to manufacture and we will run a small pre-order campaign for the digipack edition of the album sold in bundle with an exclusive T-Shirt. One hundred copies only available. Keep an eyes open here and on our Facebook page

TOWARDS DARKNESS ‘Barren’: as previously mentioned the album will come in March and a special edition of it including a bonus unreleased Mini-Album titled ‘Empire’ will be available! This is the Doom-Metal album of the year to our point of view!

New signings: we will announce two new signings in the coming days, and most likely these will be the last ones for 2012 as we look to have a rather busy year in front of us in terms of scheduled releases.

Parting ways: our marriage didnt even last for a day so I probably could avoid this announcement,  but as it was made it almost clear one year ago that we would release a new ESSENZ album we need to make it public that this project has been cancelled from our schedule (at least not to act like a fool in the eyes of the people who are expecting this and that now knows they have signed to another label). Good luck for everything to Gregor and the band: great guys and great band and no need to make it public why this collaboration was deleted.

DARKSPACE have finally mastered ‘Dark Space -I’ and have already switched back working on ‘Dark Space IV’. We dont announce anything but we have clear expectations to be put into conditions to release “something” from them in Spring. The band is confirmed playing at Hellfest 2012 in June and will play in Canada after the summer!

ECHOES OF YUL: we have received the final (pre)master of ‘Cold Ground’ and we are submitting to it with big eyes and blessed ears. Impossible to define, Echoes are intensely subtle and experimentally solid as a rock. This is avantgarde post doom with a weird space-ambient rock vein.

ALTERNATIVE 4 / MONUMENTUM Split 7″: to all of you who bought a copy of the ‘The Brink’ limited edition…we  didnt forget about your vaucher and it is of course still valid. At the moment being the split 7″ project was put under ice. First for the unexpected delay to finalise the MMM song, and then for other reasons that might become public soon we preferred to hold this on. Nevertheless,  the project at least in its basic idea is not (and will not be) cancelled and you will receive precise news soon.