Darkspace @ Sonic Mountains

Sa, 12. Januar 2013, 21:00
Darkspace / Cyrill Schläpfers Dampfschiffsymphonie / OP Rechts & Hess

The annual event “Sonic Mountains” at Dampfzentrale works out the little known history of the Swiss avant-garde and gives as well an important platform for innovative musicians from the present.
2013 edition presents three very contrasting musical projects, which highlight the rich diversity at the interface between experimental and popular music. The three shows have a polarizing effect not only because of their different genres. They also have a very different performative character, ranging from a classic stage/concert situation (Darkspace) over to a very performative concert (OP Rechts & Hess) to sound collages reminding of an art installation (Steamboat Symphony). Nevertheless, the basic understanding of their music fits together in many aspects: They all draw from the new, they all have an open ear for uncomfortable sounds and for the unheard.