“Dark Space -I” CD: the bitter necessary update…

“Dark Space -I” CD: a bitter but necessary update.

As many of you know, in Darkspace tradition every new CD release is anticipated by a limited digipack edition curated by the band itself.
This time things went bad and unlucky: we even had plans to have the CD before the vinyl. While vinyls are already on the ways to their respective customers, the other day we got the news that all digipacks have a relevant manufacturing defect. We already have new digipacks under print now and we will unleash a new release date as soon as this will be real and confirmed. This is also the reason why we have stopped taking preorders for the cd in our stores.

Last but not least an IMPORTANT INFO for all those who have ordered the bundle CD+LP: as we can imagine you are rather pissed-off for this and the LP is here laying on our shelves while it could sweeten your house speakers already, we are available to ship now the vinyl together with the CD and send you the digipack only as soon as ready. Of course there will be no double postage costs for you.

If you want this, please reply to the email that you will receive in the coming hours.
Please accept our and the band’s apologies.