Ashbringer signs to Avantgarde Music

Announcing the signing of American solo project ASHBRINGER and the rather immediate release of their debut album ‘Vacant’ on digipack.

Our favorite hobbie since 1995 has always been to dig holes in the ground and find new forces and energies.Check out this amazing American one-man band on his BC, support the artist buying the digital, if you wish, or their soon-to-come domestic release (jewelcase cd).

We are currently designing with him a digipack and look for a spring release.

Ashbringer is epic, atmospheric but knows how to be violent too.  Onwards and over.

Leaving the pen to their fans:

contrib. by “DeafestChase”:

Ashbringer is a very apt name for this project. They bring forth bleak atmospheres and spew vocals like ash from a volcano. But that’s not all, each song takes different turns and brings out fantastic moods of all kinds. This is my type of black metal, the kind that grabs you and takes you on a journey. Vacant escorts you to some abysmal locations and then brings you back to the grandeur of nature. As is evident by the cover art, Vacant is woodsy yet dark, angry yet melancholic. A tragicpiece

contrib. by “Thomas Hornstein”:

One of the most incredible and unique atmosphere I ever heard in Black Metal. With this release, Nick Stanger offers us a mix of travel through the oniric waters of his most powerful dreams and his deep wanderings in isolated nature. The vocals are incredible and so are the instruments, especially the mix between sweet ambient keyboards and wooden acoustic guitars. A masterpiece