Anachitis, Beltez and Void Paradigm available for preorder

We have three new releases available for preorder starting today: US depressive black metal Anachitis (solo project by Uada’s James Sloan), German black metal Beltez and French dodecatonic black metal Void Paradigm will all release their new album on November 6th via Avantgarde Music, and you can take advantage of a limited promotion available only if you purchase the three titles via our Sound Cave mailorder.

All three titles can be found in a limited colored LP (2LP, when it comes to Beltez). The colored version is limited to 100 pieces each and will be available via Sound Cave only. You can purchase it here at the discounted price of 49€ (+ shipping worldwide).

If you’re more into CDs, the same deal is going for the digi-CD bundle, and you can find it here.