Abigor ‘Leytmotif Luzifer’ the 7 temptations of man

2549 seconds of possession… we are left open mouth, nailed on a chair with bleeding ears and eyes ablaze.

Leytmotif Luzifer in His final shape goes beyond imagination.

After second #2549 you can only feel physically là-bas, down there…, but morally over the rainbow…

Hurtling at Match 10 velocity, this hypersonic flow treats our expectations with royal gloves as every second minute something new and different is happening and [this] has the power to stop & fix the flow and focus our attention onto it, to relish that single frame / moment like if it would last forever.

The hundreds details of this giant canvas called Leytmotif Luzifer.
The hundreds and one bass notes [I could hear ’em all, finally on a fast black metal album].
The hundreds wounding guitar riffs [each and all of them injuring like sharp blades].
The hundreds glorious lead vocals [and He has never been *that very glorious* in fact, believe me!].
The hundreds, many hundreds, blasts of the inhuman creature behind the drums [mixed with His natural and superior taste for a different, often non-black metal at all, drumming].

Hundreds reasons to sleep well.
It is done, in fact.

Congratulations Abigor TT, PK, Silenius.
Restoring black metal where it was ever supposed to be even though using a sophisticated and modern production and a multi-layered sound.
Thanks for having put things back at their own place.

Listen to this short preview

Release: late June

Formats: A5 Digipack CD / Gatefold cover LP