Sur Austru – Meteahna Timpurilor

Sur Austru is a new musical concept created from the ashes of Transylvanian black metal pioneers Negura Bunget. Gathering inspiration and emotions from the aesthetics of nature, ancient lore, and forgotten rituals, Sur Austru is proposing a timeless journey into the mystical landscapes of Transylvania.

The epic debut album Meteahna Timpurilor, Mid-Times, will challenge the listener on multiple levels, swinging between harsh thunderous metal and beautiful soundscapes where the old traditional instruments are magically blending together. It is the tale of crying forests, dying nature, and our shared struggles of getting back to the right path of celebrating and enjoying its divinity.

Sur Austru takes off from the very point where Negura Bunget stopped after Negru’s untimely departure. Meteahna Timpurilor recollects the spirits and concepts Negura Bunget were renowned for all across the world: local folklore, tales and legends from Transylvania find their way through a sound firmly rooted in black metal, but heading towards unpredictable directions.

Avantgarde Music is proud to be releasing Sur Austru debut album on black and colored wax and cd on September 20th.